The Gaming Of the Future
     VR has changed the way we think of gaming, from sitting down playing on your couch and playing with the family to completely emerging yourself into the game. See the world right in front of you like you are actually there in the gaming playing in real life. With this new found technology we have changed what controls you play with rather than using a controller you are the controller you are the game. You play the game as if you are there the character is you you are the game!
VR vs. The World

     How has the world taken this new age of gaming? Well, Thanks to the way of the internet through YouTube and Twitch gamers have been able to share the new VR experience with others to spread the knowledge of the VR. This is very new technology so it is not flawless, but people are taking a huge liking to the new age of gaming the only bump in the road for VR are the resources causing the price of the technology to be very high as the lowest price for a working console is $399.99 causing a gap in the gamers the get to enjoy this great piece of technology.

The Great Advances Being Made

       With the advances in the technology making the this not just an emerge of the eyes but the whole body! Developers have come up with a treadmill type device that tracks your movement in real life and displays it in the game. With this huge improvements in the VR industry the games that are made for the VR can help people in more than just the gaming aspect, this can also help military in training for real situations without the harm. This is a huge step from being a fun thing to play to a training tool to help protect America!